An autobiography of the self-realised wife of a Saint
Part - 1

In the first book of this series Pujya Guruma describes the days filled with peace and happiness after her marriage with H. H. Swamiji, the birth of her children, their childhood and the love she received from her family members. Along with this, she narrates the story of the departure of H. H. Swamiji to the Himalayas and the resulting responsibilities, hardships and loneliness which befell her and the shock of her second son's demise. She also underscores her close, spiritual relations with her husband and her deep faith in God and the Guru Energies.

This is a truly inspiring narrative of the manner in which Pujya Guruma faced the difficult situations sportingly and happily and not only took care of herself but also her entire family, and also provided support and took care of Swamiji.

Maa Part-1

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