Samarpan Yog of the Himalayas Part - 1

The book - ‘Samarpan Yoga of the Himalayas’ is the autobiographical story of the spiritual
journey of the Himalayan Saint Satguru Shree Shivakrupanand Swami. H.H. Shivkrupanand
Swami’s motto is to convey the knowledge of enlightenment he has obtained to mankind. To
fulfill this objective, he is writing about his spiritual journey through the Himalayas. The first Part
of the autobiography narrates the phase of the journey he had spent with his three Gurus after
H.H. Shivbaba. The reader will gain inspiration and inner-strength by peeping into H.H. Swamiji's
life as a disciple.

Himalaya Ka Samarpan Yog - 1

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