Shree Satguru’s Voice

Messages given by H.H. Shivkrupanand Swamiji to his disciples during the course of the 8th Deep Meditation Anushthan 2014

This book, ‘Shree Satguru’s Voice’, is a compilation of H. H. Gurudev’s priceless messages written during His eighth 45 days Deep Meditation Anushthan. These messages have bestowed on all souls on earth the good fortune to bathe in this ceaselessly flowing (river) Ganges of consciousness.

This was the eighth Anushthan of H. H. Gurudev’s pledge which is very important from the point of view of carrying on the journey from the physical state to the inner state.

H. H. Gurudev has distributed whatever He has obtained in His life amongst all (of us). Through these messages that have been written in an extremely high state during this Anushthan, H. H. Gurudev has beautifully explained several subjects such as, the need for introspection, inner joy, how we can obtain inner feeling, importance of karma, the importance of Satguru and spiritual experience in life, the importance of Guru Mantra, the necessity of knowing life's objective, the true meaning of fasting, moksha (liberation), the main aim of meditation, the forms of ego and the future loss due to the ego, the importance of place of Samadhi, the form and inner form, global university for spiritual experience on which He has done a deep study and shared them with the sadhaks.
It is our pure wish that all souls on earth achieve the inner feeling on reading these messages.

Shree Satguruvani

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