• Himalaya Ka Samarpan Yog - 5

Samarpan Yog of the Himalayas Part - 5

The book - ‘Samarpan Yoga of the Himalayas’ is the autobiographical story of the spiritual journey of the Himalayan Saint Satguru Shree Shivakrupanand Swami. This is a living book being written by a living Saint in which not only the present generation but also future generations will be able to obtain living experiences on reading this book. This book will prove to be a guiding lamp for those seekers who are roaming about looking for spiritual knowledge.

In this volume Pujya Gurudev has described his journey which took him to the Jain Munis resident in the Himalayas, the different experiences-situations which he faced, their mutual discussions and eventually the description of the time spent in spiritual practice in the proximity of the Jain Munis. Pujya Gurudev obtained invaluable guidance from the Jain Munis on various subjects and especially on how to control the ego.

Himalaya Ka Samarpan Yog - 5

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